Procurecon 2016 (past event)

November 08-November 10, 2016

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Procurement Transparency: A challenge or an opportunity?

Across a wide variety of sectors, buyers of outsourcing are starting to expect more transparency each and every time they procure services.

This is partially due to the rise of online price comparison sites, frequently put to use by consumers making online purchases. Those responsible for procurement also use these sites, and they’re beginning to wonder why there’s no equivalent for real time pricing, ranking and reviews in their B2B procurement processes.

Many service providers would love to be entirely transparent in their procurement dealings. However, the process is currently extremely time consuming and frequently prone to human error.

Now technology is on the verge of permanently changing things for the better. Systems can automatically collect crucial procurement information on the supplier’s behalf, arming buyers with the most up-to-date supplier information concerning quality and pricing every time services are procured. Opportune – the cloud-based benchmarking and savings engine – is leading the way with this kind of technology.

John Henke-Supplier Profitability

Have a read of these interesting results of a new study which shows automakers could increase profits by improving their supplier relations.


ProcureCon 2014 Latest Attendees

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What makes a successful MTS partnership?

Download our interview with Christian Linhart on successful MTS partnerships.


Jim Hemmington, Head of Procurement, Interview

Read this exclusive presentation by Jim Hemmington, Head of Procurement at the BBC as he gives a case study presentation & speech on re-structuring 67% of outsourced services at the world's largest broadcaster.

Levi Strauss - Global-led Procurement Strategy

Read an exclusive interview with Celeste Smith, Director of Global Indirect Procurement at Levi Strauss & Co

Find out:

  • How indirect procurement is structured at Levi’s?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of having a small team?
  • What is Levi's biggest procurement challenge?
Plus lots more...

The Evolving Role of Procurement

We got together and spoke to some of the leading experts in procurement at ProcureCon Indirect 2014 to ask them how they saw the role of procurement evolving in the next two to three years.


Advito’s Annual Industry Forecast

Advito’s annual Industry Forecast helps procurement executives and corporate travel buyers establish cost baselines for negotiating discounted corporate rates with travel suppliers. In addition to publishing its findings on global airline fares by class and hotel rates by key markets, Advito also educates corporate travel buyers on emerging trends in travel technology, pricing and marketing that affect travel program costs and effectiveness.

Crowdsourcing - The New Trend Getting Work Done

The world of work is certainly no exception. Recent years have seen the rise of the Freelancer, and it’s thought that as much as half of the global workforce could fall under the non-traditional or non-employee bracket within the next few years.

View this full article from our friends at Allegis Global Solutions

The Challenges of Globally Outsourcing Workforce Management Solutions

While this globalisation provides plenty of advantages, it also provides its fair share of obstacles. A perfect example of this is human capital, because when managing a multi-national workforce, you’ll need to overcome a number of barriers if your company is to get the most out of its people across the world.

View this full article from our friends at Allegis Global Solutions


Using Virtual Collaboration to Maximize Travel Spend

Virtual collaboration is a growing trend, with the market expected to double in the next four years. With the right program and technology in place, teams can work together from anywhere at a fraction of the cost, and without the productivity loss, stress and risk of travel.  Find out how Cisco shaved $1 Billion of their annual travel spend by implementing a Total Collaboration Management Strategy.